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Our image of the child - pedagogical principles


Our pedagogical principle is: "Every child develops individually" and Joey Daycare supports this development process in close cooperation with the parents.

The attitude and way of working at Joey Daycare is based on personal competence, social competence and professional competence.

Personal competence

Joey Daycare encourages the children's independence by trusting them with tasks, praising them and helping them to solve any problems that arise on their own.
In our work we attach great importance to the promotion of the different personality areas (emotional, voluntary, cognitive, creative, ethical-social and motor areas).

Social skills
By working in different social forms and through the mixed-age groups, the children learn tolerant interaction with older and younger children of the same age. They also learn to solve conflicts that arise among themselves independently.

The children learn various skills through patient explanation and thus broaden their horizons. The daily routine has fixed points of orientation, which give the children a sense of security. However, there is enough room for spontaneous activities, so that the children can also develop freely. 
Movement is very important to us. By going outside every day, the children learn how to deal with the environment and nature in a playful way.

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