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Language is the most important means of expression and communication for people. Language takes place in a verbal and non-verbal form. Children do not need a complicated vocabulary to express their everyday needs. Children follow their inner impulse. In this respect, special attention is paid to the following points: 

  • The child learns to express itself through its body language.

  • The educator gives the child attention and care through language.

  • The educator is a role model and speaks clearly to the child.

  • The educator names processes, actions and objects.

  • Poems, finger verses and songs also promote the development of thinking and speaking.​

In addition, we offer the childcare service in two languages. English in the Joey Daycare in Zürich Wollishofen and French in the Joey Daycare in Hochbord|Dübendorf.

In this way we playfully promote a second language and generally the understanding of other cultures.

(core values) 

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