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Our partners

Stellenwerk has supported the Joey Daycare in matters of personnel and administration since the beginning. We would like to thank Mr. Maurice Locher and his team for their competent, flexible and always professional support of Joey Kinderkrippe.


Founded in 1956, the Lycée Français of Zurich today teaches over 1100 students from the first year of kindergarten (from 3 years old) to 12th grade.

The institution is part of the worldwide network of AEFE, which ensures the conformity of teaching with the French curriculum. The pedagogical concept is based on early language learning.

Its teaching program, which is also recognized by the
Education Directorate of the Canton of Zurich, leads to the Baccalauréat. Committed not only to imparting knowledge, but also to the acquisition of practical skills and social competencies, the LFZ motivates each student to
top performance and supports each individual in preparing for his or her future.

The Lycée Francais is a partner of the Joey Daycare and refers parents with infants from their institution to the Joey Daycare.
The Joey Daycare, in turn, provides French childcare for the parents of Lycée Français. The Lycée Français and the Joey Crèche are celebrating a wonderful and mutually enriching partnership of different languages and cultures.


Helsana has been a contractual partner of the Joey Daycare since the Hochbord location opened.

The compatibility of work and family is very important to Helsana.

With this partnership, our employees can benefit from a great offer right next to their place of work.


The Joey Daycare is a member of kibesuisse. The Swiss Childcare Association is a competence center for family and school-related childcare.

Kibesuisse promotes the qualitative and quantitative expansion of family and school-related childcare offers. This is how the association defines quality standards in childcare and is committed to their implementation.
In addition, kibesuisse is committed to good framework conditions in the industry and to the training and further education of specialists. In its activities, the association always responds to the needs of its members. It supports them in fulfilling their tasks and represents their interests at national and cantonal level.

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