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Core values


In addition to the social, educational principles, the Joey Daycare also lives its own house of values.
In this way, the children receiv
e the basis for healthy and individual development.

The following four values serve as a foundation:

  • health
    We rely on holistic and needs-based development, including seasonal and healthy food with daily encouragement of physical activity with the children.

  • tolerance
    We are cosmopolitan and live the diversity of today's society and are open-minded, curious and tolerant.

  • sustainability
    We cultivate a conscious approach to our own resources and the environment.

  • vision
    We are curious and eager to discover, like small children, and are therefore always expanding our horizon.


Our complementary value building block

  • family collaboration
    We work as a family with the team and parents.


  • attentive customer proximity
    We are paying attention, emphatic & service-oriented.


  • open communication
    We always communicate in a friendly, open and positive way.

  • warm professional competence
    We work with heart and joy, professionally and continuously educate ourselves.

  • timeless creativity
    We love diversity and the promotion of ideas and personal responsibility.

  • established structures
    We offer the children, parents and employees established structures and resources for reliable and hygienic conditions.

​​Our protective roof
And over all these values is the protective roof, for the good and safety of the child.

Joey Nursery Values-House_v.16.12.2022.JPG
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