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Food & Drink


Joey Daycare pays attention to a balanced and healthy diet with fresh, natural products and therefore cooks its own meals with the greatest care.

Meals are taken in a calm and pleasant atmosphere, sitting together in a cosy atmosphere. Eating together enables the children to experience community and to exchange ideas with each other and with the adults. The child should discover that eating and drinking can be pleasurable and enjoyable. They should be able to experience a variety of senses and steadily increase their independence in eating and drinking.

When preparing the meals, attention is paid to a balanced and healthy composition of the food. The children are encouraged to try all the food. However, they are not pushed to eat something they do not like. The children's individual dietary needs are taken into account after consultation with the parents (allergies, illnesses).

After eating, the children have their nap in a separate room. The babies sleep individually, according to their age and needs.

Infant group
It is important for the youngest children to maintain their usual eating rhythm. The eating plan is discussed with the parents at the time of admission and again thereafter. The transition from porridge to solid food takes place individually and in discussion with the parents. The child is gently accustomed to the eating rhythm of the nursery.

If mothers would like to continue breastfeeding their babies or give them breast milk after they have entered the nursery, we will of course support this.

The Joey Daycare attaches great importance to freshly prepared vegetable and fruit purees. Specific bottle powders are to be brought by the parents. 

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