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The canopy

for the good of the child

The children & parents

The Joey Nursery Team

Our competencies

as the key to implementation

established structures

We offer the children, parents and employees established structures and resources for reliable and hygienic conditions.

Timeless creativity

We love diversity and the promotion of ideas and personal responsibility.

Heartfelt expertise

We work with heart and joy,

always professional and continuously educate ourselves. 

family collaboration

We work together as a family with the team and the parents

Attentive customer proximity

We are attentive, emphatic & service-oriented.

Open communication

We always communicate in a friendly, open and positive manner.

Our core values

based on our strategy


We focus on health and on holistic and needs-based development, including seasonal healthy nutrition and daily encouragement of physical activity with the children. 



We are cosmopolitan and live the diversity of today's society. We are open-minded, curious and tolerant in our daily actions and encourage these qualities in the children and our employees. 



We cultivate a conscious approach to our own resources and the environment. Accordingly, we make decisions and act carefully and sustainably in our everyday lives. 



We are curious and eager to discover like small children and are always open to new things. As a result, we are always broadening our horizons and promoting our own development in all areas for the future. 

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